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Latest AaricKDE versions with version numbers 2023.x has the code name "Aurora". 

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AaricKDE is an Arch based Linux with a Desktop Environment and UI that is aimed at delivering a fresh Plasma experience without compromising on performance and has many editions for every type of user.

# Comes in Linux Vanilla kernel.

# Also we provide Zen kernel edition for that extra edge in performance. 

# We also stand with developers and have the Workstation edition with various professional tools for making your work more efficient.Has prepacked Video and Programming tools. 

All variants are available in the lower sections of this page. Please scroll down for Downloading them. 

Home: Welcome

The Community for the Community

The Community helps itself to get better and to be a part of a technological evolution.

From new version releases to exciting news related to new features, we want our followers to stay in the loop when it comes to AaricKDE Linux Community. For this reason, we want an extra tool to help people to connect to our Community even from their mobile devices and from anywhere around the ball we live in.

Android app for the Community

To make things easier. We started a new project for developing an Android App which intends to make communication within the Community seamless and efficient.The Stable Application is now available to the public.

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Image by Markus Spiske


Overview of our Terminology

KISS - acronym of Keep It Simple, Stupid. Simplicity is a main principle that AaricKDE tries to achieve with Arch Linux.Arch Linux is the most simple and heavily customizable distro of Linux and it is very robust in design.So we chose Arch as our base and follow its terminology to provide various flavors of it.

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Our Innovative Distro

The Possibilities Are Endless

Our Operating System has a wide range of features that were created with an aim to help you work differently.It comes power packed with many packages. In order to empower our users to do better, AaricKDE Linux is continually building upon its technology, so stay in touch to learn about updates and other changes.

We have also packed our Maintenance tool which reduces the need to type in commands.Run 10 different tasks from AaricKDE Maintenance tool including updating the system.(Based on Eznix's maintenance tool with some customizations)

For more instructions and details switch to Installation or Release notes page of the site.For important news and updates visit News page.Fresh New Wallpapers are updated in the Wallpapers page.

Download AaricKDE here.Last five versions will be available.For more flavors scroll down the page.

Username: guest

Password:  root

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For Enthusiasts

AaricKDE is also available in Zen kernel flavor which unlocks your systems abilities and gives you that extra edge over performance. Preferred for Gaming and Benchmarking.

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Project "All in One"

Smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at AaricKDE Linux Community. So we thought of helping Developers and Editors for streamlining their work and to arm them with an OS that has the basic features for them in-built. The result was AaricKDE Workstation edition. 


  • Blender,Kdenlive and GIMP for video and image editing.Also packed VLC for testing upto Cinema-grade works.

  • Python,GCC and other developer tools for a professional and student.(run idle in terminal for starting the Python IDLE).

  • Android SDK and Bootloader tools for testing with android devices.

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Know the people behind AaricKDE

Arch Linux

Visit Arch Linux

Major contributor for our project.Our platform is based on their modified Linux kernel and base framework.Also they armed us with their Package manager (pacman).Performance and Robust design are made possible by them.


Visit KDE-Community

Plasma Desktop Environment provider.Those fancy UI and animation and themes are given by KDE-Community.


Helps our creation start and load up.The Grand Unified Bootloader is an essential part of all Linux platforms.

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Calamares Installer

Sourced Calamares Installer from them.It is a more User-friendly and simple installer fro Linux platforms.Calamares will also partition and install your OS the way you want.


The starting step of every distro is provided by them.The original Linux kernel developed by Linus Torvalds has revolutionized the Computing era.Nearly all of the Supercomputers in the world use Linux or some form of it.The world's most used types of Computers or Android Smart Phones run on Android developed by Google which also uses Linux kernel which makes Android pretty much a Linux distribution.


Eznix is the developer and maintainer of the Ezarcher and EznixOS project .The Ezarcher is arch based and EznixOS is a debian based respin.

Aarick Yadhuvir

Major developer and Founder of AaricKDE Linux Community.Started it as a leisure time experiment and worked on it from 2020 and released a final build on May 7, 2022.

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Get in touch

Contact us here to get member status and priority assistance.

Thanks for submitting!

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